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What's Love Got To Do With It?

Imagine this, you are a globally acclaimed artist, celebrated for your masterpieces around the world. You create simply because that is your nature, and your medium of choice is painting. Envision your paintings not merely as static canvases, but as living entities imbued with the very essence of your artistic intention. Each brushstroke carries the weight of purpose and meaning, and these creations come alive, experiencing the profound love you have poured into them. They, in turn, possess the capacity to radiate that love to the entirety of your artistic universe.

Picture a scenario where your living creations, dwelling in the world meticulously crafted for them, lose sight of their origin—their creator. Amidst a quest for meaning and purpose, they unwittingly engage in self-destruction and harm to others. Drifting away from the intended purpose of their existence, they seek meaning beyond their artistic genesis, entertaining the false notion that they are self-created beings. How would you, the artist, respond? How would you offer support? Consider that, unlike your sentient paintings, you are not a creation but the artist with an unwavering love for your creations. You want to exist in relationship with your creations for the rest of eternity, but you know that you cannot force them to want that either. What you desire most is for them to be happy. So out of love and respect for them you decide to honor their decisions and painfully watch as they cultivate misery and depravity for themselves in the search of the love and purpose that you have endowed them with since the beginning; They are lost. Now, extend this metaphor further. Envision that, as the artist, you decide to immerse yourself fully in the world of your creations. Despite being the creator, you willingly take on the form of a painted entity, experiencing the world as they do. Your purpose is clear—to reveal the path of love and purpose, urging them to center their existence around these principles.

In an unparalleled act of love, you humble yourself, becoming one with your paintings. You navigate the challenges and hardships of a painted existence, all with the intention of showing them the way to live authentically with love and purpose at the core of their being. However, despite your boundless love for them, they respond with hatred and persecution towards you. Undeterred by the profound pain, you persist in unwavering obedience to your purpose. In the face of the agony, you exemplify a steadfast commitment to demonstrating to your creations that, no matter how adrift they become, there exists no limit to the lengths you would traverse to guide them back to the essence you envisioned for their existence. You endure even the ultimate sacrifice, allowing them to bring about your demise with the assurance of your return to the canvas.

Amidst the distressing act of allowing them to end your painted existence, you solemnly promise that, upon their quest to find you, they will unfailingly encounter not only your presence, as you are always watching the canvas, but also the boundless love they fervently seek. Your sacrifice becomes a beacon of hope, assuring them that, in their search for meaning and connection, they will always discover both you and the profound love that intricately binds creator and creation. However, they question, "What's love got to do with any of this?" as they persist in navigating the familiar routes of pain and agony. In their pursuit of fulfillment, they attempt to fill the void in their hearts with the self-declared and distorted pleasures of the world you crafted, rather than embracing your example and actively seeking love. Despite their lack of understanding about love, you are more than willing to teach them for eternity because they belong to you, and you to them, even if they are unaware of it. Your love for them remains unwavering.

What you desire most is for them to be happy. Recognizing that, as your creations, their true happiness is intricately tied to being the way you intended them to be. You understand that their genuine joy lies in aligning with the purpose and love you embedded within them. Your unending commitment to teaching them stems from this deep desire to see them experience the happiness that comes from living in accordance with their intended design.

And you answer their question with a simple response, “Everything.”

Written by: Ren The Writer

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1 opmerking

27 apr.

Well composed; it's like I'm part of the composition. Excellent dedication to this piece.

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